Peterhead Energy Hub

Peterhead Energy Hub is a partnership between Peterhead Port Authority, ASCO and NorSea Group. The aim of Peterhead Energy Hub is to build on our established success in the oil and gas industry and become recognised as a centre of excellence for the renewable energy, decommissioning and subsea industries.

Since the 1960s, Peterhead has been at the forefront of the UK energy industry. ASCO’s investment in the Port in 1973 developed the North Sea’s first dedicated Oil Service Base. The port played a leading role in the search for oil. Exploration, construction and production teams worked from the port with major infrastructure being built, shipped and commissioned from Peterhead. As the leading logistics centre for offshore support to the CNS/NNS and Atlantic Margin, Peterhead with its deepwater facilities has always played an important role in support of the subsea sector. Success over the past 40 years has been achieved through a combination of having the right infrastructure combined with the safe and effective material handling and logistics skills to ensure an efficient service.

Mindful that client requirements are always changing, a £32 million investment in additional quayside was completed in 2010. Smith Quay provides sheltered, deepwater berthing for the new generation of larger subsea support and construction vessels as well as other sectors. The project also provides an adjacent working site suitable for component manufacturing, quayside fabrication or project mobilisation. This berth is operated by NorSea Group. Looking to the future, Peterhead has much to offer the energy industry as new opportunities develop.

A £50’m development commenced in 2016 and  is due for completion in April 2018 which will provide a further 180m long berth with 14,000 square metres working area at Merchants Quay and extend the working area at Smith Quay to over 45,000 square metres.  These new facilities will also be operated by NorSea Group.

Many businesses provide support services including craneage, stevedoring, transport, fuel and lubricants, ships agency, fabrication and maintenance to name just a few. ASCO UK offers a unique “one stop shop” where all services can be provided as an integrated package on a single contract.

Peterhead Energy Hub has established links with Dales Engineering, Davidson Blast Services, JBS Group, Surelift, Score Group plc and Maritime Developments along with North East Scotland College and Robert Gordon’s University. Courses delivered match industry requirements ensuring a highly trained local workforce and a steady supply of skilled people.
Scottish Enterprise, Aberdeenshire Council and Energetica are stakeholders in the Energy Hub and the industrial development land to the south of the quayside facilities is being developed and marketed to support the needs of new and developing business.